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Hamza A. Dudgeon (fmr Cody Dudgeon) is an academician in Religious Studies, Psychoanalytic Studies and Islamic History. He is currently a doctoral student at Emory University's Islamic Civilizations Studies program and he is also a history instructor for Mishkâh University. Hamza takes a critical Lacanian psychoanalytic approach to examine Umayyad & ʿAbbāsid imperial ideologies & their obverse in the development of Islamic ritual mythology (uṣūl al-fiqh), all while methodologically subverting Modernity via non-Western epistemologies and Counter-Enlightenment thinkers in the spirit of decolonization; theory of religion; religious ethics; historiography; Africana studies; structural & poststructural approaches to Arabic philology; palæography, codicology, & papyrology.

Ever since he was a teenager Hamza has been an anti-Racism activist, starting by participating in the movement to oust Neo-Nazi leader Jeff Schoep from Hutchinson, MN. Born and raised in Minneapolis, Hamza has been actively involved in protesting police brutality after the Jamar Clark, Philando Castile & George Floyd murders. "Combining activism and the scholastic life is what Islām is all about, khidma (service) & Īmān (faith) go hand-in-hand," says Hamza. He speaks fluent Arabic, German, some Somali, some Mandarin Chinese, some French among other languages. Hamza is a history buff who has a YouTube channel, "Hamza The Historian" and a channel on polyglottery, "Hamza the Linguist." Hamza has published several academic articles on Islamic history.

Hamza Ahmed Dudgeon
Hamza Dudgeon at Dar-Assalam Bookstore in Minneapolis, MN.jpg
Hamza Dudgeon at Dar-Assalam Bookstore in Minneapolis, MN.