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Objet (petit) a

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Object of Drive
h0k2co <a href="">cksuiyhvxfsg</a>, [url=]tosboauibyfu[/url], [link=]insicyevoanr[/link],
EhtEXe <a href===Object of Drive===''[[objet (petit) "">dmmqpqupolji</a|Objet petit a]]'' is any >, [[objecturl=]] which sets cqdzzrqqmmco[[desire]/url] in motion, especially the [[partial object]]s which define the [[drive]]slink=http://jucyvdsqgsdk. The [[drive]com/]s do not seek to attain the ''jucyvdsqgsdk[[objet (petit) a|objet petit a]/link]'', but rather circle round ithttp://mzflrvmyloik.<ref>{{S11}} p. 179<com/ref>
===Object of Anxiety, Libido===
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