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  • [[Image:Jacques-lacan-4.jpg|thumb|250px|right]] | name = Jacques Lacan
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  • [[Psychoanalysis]] was founded by [[Sigmund Freud]] ...of Freud himself and to a close [[reading]] and [[understanding]] of those texts. For the next 26 years he would engage in this [[project]] of close reading
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  • He explained [[art|artistic creation]] by reference to the [[concept]] of [[sublimation]], a process in which [[sexua ...ntuit directly the [[truth]]s which [[psychoanalysts]] only discover later by more laborious means.
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  • The term [[sinthome]] is, as [[Lacan]] points out, an archaic way of writing what has more recently been spelt [ =====Jacques Lacan=====
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  • ...nized by [[Louis Althusser]] and grew increasingly influenced by [[Jacques Lacan]]. ...of more main-line [[Marxism]]. In 1988 he published what is now considered by many to be his major [[statement]], ''L'être et l'événement''. He took u
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  • [[Lacan]] was raised, grew up, in a comfortable middle-[[class]] [[Catholic]] [[fam [[Lacan]] went on to study '''[[medicine]]'' and specialized in '''psychiatry''' wi
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  • ...erview with Eagleton. Further readings of the [[ideological]] are explored by [[Richard Rorty]] and Michèle Barrett. Finally Fredric [[Jameson]] supplie
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  • ...e of the Papin Sisters]]</b></a>, transl. by Jon Anderson in <i>Critical [[Texts]]</i>, vol.5, 3, 1988. ...y Carolyn Asp in <i>Critical Texts</i>, vol.5, issue 3, 1988. Also transl. by Andrea Kahn in <i>Semiotext</i> 10, vol. 4, 1, 1981. In <i>Autres [[Écrits
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  • ...rauss]], [[Althusser]], [[Fernand Braudel]]) and a new younger audience, [[Lacan]] talks [[about]] the [[censorship]] of his [[teachings]] and his [[excommu ...s to train [[analyst]]s and, at the same [[time]], address the non-analyst by raising the following questions: Is [[psychoanalysis]] a [[science]]? If so
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  • ...train [[analysts]] and, at the same [[time]], address the non-[[analyst]] by raising the following questions: Is psychoanalysis a [[science]]? If so, un ...yzed]]. In "The [[Freudian]] [[thing]]" (<i>[[Écrits]]: A Selection</i>), Lacan presents the [[Name-of-the-Father]] as a treasure to be found, provided it
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  • ...] first and communication second. A more extreme view is offered by [[Jean-Jacques Nattiez]] (1987; trans. 1990: 16) who, as a [[musicology|musicologist]], co ...cs attempts to [[analyse]] and so [[identify]] the systemic rules accepted by all the participants.
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  • ...f inorganic substance. These speculations seek to solve the riddle of life by supposing that these two instincts were struggling with each [[other]] from ..., [[biology]], or [[physics]]. Revision of his [[concepts]] was called for by his [[experience]] in [[psychoanalytic]] [[practice]]. He posited within th
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  • ...orm]] of [[Marxian]] theory both from the [[model]] of science put forward by [[logical positivism]] and from what he and his colleagues perceived as the ...[[knowledge]], especially through taking stock of the limitations imposed by the fundamental, irreducible [[concepts]] in use in that knowledge. His no
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  • ...shades of meaning in different areas of study and [[discussion]], and is, by its very [[nature]], difficult to define without depending on "un-deconstru ...ida|Jacques Derrida's]] ''dé[[construction]]''), and it has been explored by [[others]], including [[Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak]], [[Paul de Man]], [[Jo
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  • [[Lacan]] and [[psychoanalysis]] ...k [[Marxism]] without any reference to Hegel’s absolute subject, he sees Lacan as trying to [[think]] psychoanalysis without any reference to a [[unified]
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  • ...tics]], presumably by analogy with the term ''[[mytheme]]'' (a term coined by [[Claude Lévi-Strauss]] to denote the basic constituents of [[myth]]ologic ...sign]]". It is not used in conventional [[mathematics]], but is part of [[Lacan]]'s [[algebra]]. -->
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  • ...contemporary academic politics, the idea to deal with Lenin is accompanied by two qualifications: yes, why not, we live in a [[liberal]] [[democracy]], t ...hird World catastrophes is thus to serve as the support of this Denkverbot by constantly reminding us how things may have been much worse: "Just look aro
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  • ...he Bolshevik rule was unstable, out of [[control]], permanently threatened by the centrifugal forces — far more than the gratuitous [[sadistic]] displa ...ap: instead of the usual public-[[symbolic]] [[power structure]] sustained by the obscene invisible network of apparatuses, we have the public power stru
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  • ...dimension]] of this eternal stimulus to make free choices is best rendered by the [[situation]] of having to choose a product in online shopping, where o ...against [[thinking]]. Today's liberal-democratic [[hegemony]] is sustained by a kind of unwritten Denkverbot similar to the infamous Berufsverbot in [[Ge
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  • ...]'s [[distinction]] between Ought and Must, an authentic [[revolution]] is by definition performed as a Must - it is not something we "ought to do" as an ...e]] main versions of theorizing these catastrophes: (1) the one epitomized by the name of [[Habermas]]: [[Enlightenment]] is in itself a positive emancip
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  • <font 5f5e78="" color="" face="courier" size="1">Slavoj [[Zizek]] &amp; [[lacan]].com 2004</font> ...n other [[words]], the question of "what means what?" is in no way decided by this reading: does the Hamlet narrative "mean" stars, or do stars "mean" Ha
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  • ...[[freedom]] of [[choice]], when the only choice is the one between playing by the rules and ([[self]]-)destructive violence, a violence which is almost e ...action is worse: they are BOTH worse, inclusive of the warning, formulated by both sides, about the real danger of these outbursts residing in the easily
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  • [[Surrealism]], however, offered the young Lacan an alternative route to psychoanalysis and the crucial link to his [[clinic ...rrealists fully embraced [[psychoanalysis]] and during his medical studies Lacan developed strong [[links]] with the movement.
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  • Daphne du Maurier: her prose seems marked by a melodramatic [[excess]] that often comes tremendous [[power]] of [[fascination]] exerted by her stories? What if these two features are
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  • Interrogating the [[Master]]: [[Lacan]] and Radical [[Politics]] ...[project]] in non-[[utopian]] and non-essentialist [[terms]]. It concludes by calling for a new [[form]] of radical politics that seeks to avoid the [[di
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  • [[Althusser]], Louis. '''Writings On [[Psychoanalysis]] : [[Freud]] and [[Lacan]]'''. Ed. Corpet, Olivier.; Matheron, Franðcois. ''European Perspectives'' ...2 ([[English]] [[translation]] by Jeffrey Mehlman, [[Jacques lacan|Jacques Lacan]] & Co. [Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1990]).
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  • ...sciences]], and [[cultural]] studies, this set includes a new introduction by the editor and a thorough [[index]]. ...ger. '''''[[Jacques Lacan: Critical Evaluations in Cultural Theory|Jacques Lacan: Critical Evaluations in Cultural Theory (Critical Evaluationsin Cultural T
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  • ...[Marx]], and fuses the [[thinking]] of the notoriously difficult Jacques [[Lacan]] with the founding [[figures]] of [[German]] [[Idealism]] from [[Kant]] to ...989 as <i>The [[Sublime]] [[Object]] of [[Ideology]]</i>, followed closely by For <i>They Know Not What They Do</i>. In between came a small book called
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  • an obscure desire to self-destruct.' (Yannis Stavrakakis, author of <i>Lacan and the Political</i>, Athens, Greece). <br><br></tt></font></div> ...usly a philosopher from Eastern Germany, whose early years were influenced by the Soviet Union, carries a certain amount of paranoia'. This characterisat
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  • ...ect in the world? The penis, because it is the only one that can be raised by a mere thought' (TS, 382-3)? Who else, in a parody of the anthropologist Cl ...usly obscure writings of the French psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan... Indeed, Lacan once cruelly quipped of James Joyce that, although what he wrote was almost
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  • ...ormation]] of the [[psychoanalyst]] - an [[insistence]] that is overlooked by many [[present]]-day [[analysts]]. Yet how can they fail to recognize its i ...ary critics with psychoanalytic theory from [[Sigmund Freud]] to Jacques [[Lacan]] has been far greater than the interests of historians in the same concept
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  • ...ences that [[need]] to be unpacked, if we are to begin [[understanding]] [[Lacan]]'s [[ideas]]. "[[The Mirror Stage]]", for example, is only seven pages lon ...d translations will undoubtedly become the standard authoritative texts of Lacan in the coming years but as this is not yet the [[case]] all references in t
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  • <dd>You [[know]] that last [[time]] I picked up my [[discussion]] with you by connecting it to my lecture to the Catholics.<br> ...of our [[true]] [[experience]]. For he doesn't attempt to evade the issue by making generalizations [[about]] the [[religious]] function in man. He is c
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  • ...hough she is to be shut up in a tomb, <u>without a dwelling place, mourned by no friend</u>. Thus <u>her separation is lived as a regret or lamentation f ...number of different forms of the myth - perhaps he was imprisoned; blinded by Dionysos's madness he even killed his own sons whom he mistook for vine sho
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  • ...ize="1">the classification of the [[Texts]] and Références is determined by the first significant [[word]] of the title of the text…</font></p></td> ...e=UTF-8&amp;oe=UTF-8&amp;langpair=fr%7Cen&amp;u=;prev=/language_tools">With</a>
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  • ...unication]] is situated at a preverbal level. In the [[work]] of Jacques [[Lacan]] the term <i>infans</i> took on a further [[dimension]] in his [[discussio .../young [[child]]), or <i>infans</i> are used. A [[good]] many of Klein's [[texts]] were originally written in [[German]], and she used the word <i>infans</i
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  • Defined by Freud as a process which allows the [[individual]] to distinguish between e ...revious experience is hallucinated, [[meaning]] made present to perception by the [[action]] of intense [[instinctual]] [[cathexis]], this may fog up the
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  • The term [[prohibition]] has been borrowed by [[psychoanalysis]] from everyday [[language]], where it is used either as a ...hat morality, and then refuses [[them]] satisfaction, doing away with them by making them [[unconcious]] through repression.
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  • In his [[Seminar]] on the [[Ethics]] of [[Psychoanalysis]], [[Lacan]] elaborates the [[distinction]] between two types of the contemporary inte ...imentalism, while the fool is a deconstructionist [[cultural]] critic who, by means of his ludic procedures destined to 'subvert' the existing order, act
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  • [[Lacan]], Jacques. Introduction to the Names-of-the-[[Father]] [[Seminar]]. Jeffrey Mehlman. ...d, in a complicated procedure, to refuse not to ratify the motion striking Lacan's [[name]] from the [[list]] of [[training]] [[analysts]].</ref> My seminar
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  • [[Lacan]]'s [[work]] within the context of the [[development]] of [[psychoanalysis] ...ential within modernist [[literature]], and was promoted in [[particular]] by the novelist and critic Virginia Woolf (1882-1941) and the 'Bloomsbury Grou
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  • ...rg, with the Berlin Psychoanalytic Association the leading regional group. By the end of 1911 the Berlin association had eleven members, including [[thre ...e [[International Psychoanalytical Association]] in 1913 and was supported by the Munich group.
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  • The term '[[anaclisis]]' is used by [[Freud]] to describe the early relationship between the sexual and the sel ...[[sexual]] [[drives]] are not initially [[autonomous]], and are supported by the vital functions of nutrition and protection that supple [[them]] with a
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  • ...ral [[English]] bibliographies that catalogue these works, including those by Norman Holland (1964), D. Wilbern (1978), and Murray Schwartz and Copelia K <p>Beyond Freud, Jacques [[Lacan]]'s "[[mirror]] [[stage]]," Donald [[Winnicott]]'s "[[transitional object]]
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  • ...[[social]] and martial cataclysm" ([[Breton]], 1934) provoked a [[revolt]] by an entire generation. ...] as well as [[economic]] oppression: "[[Poetry]] is made by everyone. Not by one" (Lautréamont).
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  • ...nd [[Feminism]]</i> (1972) was a marker in the recovery of psychoanalysis, by explaining its revolutionary understanding of women. ...disappointment that she cannot [[satisfy]] her mother, and is accompanied by hostility.
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  • to the [[personality]]). The [[work]] was dated September 7, 1932, when Lacan was thirty-one years old. .... But the Germans supplied Lacan with the doctrinal [[authority]] required by his [[goal]] of methodological [[synthesis]].
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  • Interview with Jacques [[Lacan]], 1957 Dr. Lacan: Don't exaggerate. Do you [[think]] that this effect is exclusive to the [
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  • ...udies, [[literary]] criticism, [[feminist]] [[theory]] and [[philosophy]]. Lacan's writings are [[notorious]] for their complexity and idiosyncratic style a ...stages]] of his teaching. Taking [[full]] account of the clinical basis of Lacan's [[work]], the dictionary details the historical and institutional backgro
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  • ...[World Association of Psychoanalysis]], [[WAP]], in [[order]] to advance [[Lacan]]'s [[teachings]]. ...] and the study of [[psychoanalysis]] following the teachings of [[Jacques Lacan]].
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  • ...round this paper that has been influential in constructing an [[image]] of Lacan as an outcast - a heroic [[figure]] battling for the [[truth]] against a [[ ...ion of Lacan's [[idea]] and the paper that we now read - 13 years in which Lacan had continued to develop and modify his ideas.
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  • by [[Alain Badiou]] It is always perilous to approach [[Lacan]] from a [[philosophical]] point of view. For he is an anti-[[philosopher]]
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  • ...of psychoanalytic concepts—the unconscious—the [[psychic]] [[agency]] Lacan reconceived in semiotic [[terms]] and claimed was "[[structured]] like a [[ ...s institutional and [[ideological]] issues more directly. They argued that Lacan did not go far enough in probing precisely the areas characterizing his [[d
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  • ...t). This shift was precipitated most notably by a short, influential essay by Alexandre Astruc published in Écran française in [[1948]] entitled "La Ca ...nt ideology on a [[formal]] and/or thematic level, an enterprise displayed by the much-cited Cahiers article on Young Mr. Lincoln (1969). In these essays
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  • to the [[personality]]). The [[work]] was dated September 7, 1932, when Lacan was thirty-one years old. [[Freud]] and [[Breuer]] was given the [[name]] 'the talking [[cure]]' by [[Anna 0.]], one of Breuer's [[patients]]. Besides language, the surrealist
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  • ...conceals, distorts its [[meanings]], so that our dreams become symbolic [[texts]] which [[need]] to be deciphered. a disguised fulfilment of a [[repressed]] [[wish]]. Evading censorship by a disguise, the dream is a compromise between the [[demands]] of impulse an
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  • ...ety]] and human [[culture]]).1 At the end of the chapter I will focus on [[Lacan]]'s main interests and the way he has refashioned [[Freudian]] theory. ...e]] of what it is to be human. Freud, by the [[power]] of his writings and by the breadth and audacity of his speculations,' revolutionised the [[thought
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  • .... By hewing close to Freud's [[texts]], often retranslated into [[French]] by the authors, the Vocabulaire makes it possible to put these concepts to wor ...e, Laplanche, and Pontalis all became members, marking their distance from Lacan.
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  • ...itten between 1936 and 1966. [[Écrits]] has been characterized as elitist by [[Jean-Claude Milner]], but [[Slavoj Žižek]] claims that and provide examples and [[logical]] demonstrations of them.[]</blockquote>
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  • [ link] ...tic field takes place here. Against what he called "personalist ideology," Lacan declared that he was resolutely "structuralist" and explained why.
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  • [ link] The Wom of Jacques laceR 221
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  • [[Lacan]] made his debut on television on two shows produced by Benoît Jacquot, under the title ''[[Psychoanalysis]]''. ...ho, afterwards, wrote the transcription of the discussions to be published by the [[Editions du Seuil]].
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  • ...aris]], the first [[child]] of prosperous, bourgeois [[parents]], [[Alfred Lacan]] and [[Emilie Baudry]], a family of solid [[Catholic]] [[tradition]]. ...s), the first child (eldest son) of (prosperous, bourgeois parents) Alfred Lacan (1873–1960) and Emilie Baudry (1876–[[1948]]) (a middle-[[class]] Roman
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  • ...[[Bibliography of Jacques Lacan#1980|1980]] · [[Bibliography of Jacques Lacan#Unsorted|Unsorted]] ...varin, 1984 [''[[The Family Complexes]]''. Trans. Carolyn Asp. "Critical [[Texts]]." Vol. 5, Num. 3. 1988. ; Trans. Andrea Kahn. "Semiotext." 10. Vol. 4, Nu
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  • ...them]], giving them the [[freedom]] to revise their old talk, and he asked Lacan to write a digest of his numerous comments during the Colloquium; this was The Worn of [[Jacques Lacan]] 1"
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  • [[Lacan]] founds the [[École Freudienne de Paris]] ([[EFP]]) on [[Chronology|June On [[Chronology|June 21, 1964]], [[Lacan]] founds the [[École Freudienne de Paris]] ([[EFP]]).
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  • {{Jacques Lacan}} ...ome New Lacanian School] - The New [[Lacanian]] [[School]] was founded by Jacques-[[Alain]] [[Miller]] and is part of the [[World]] [[Association]] of [[Psyc
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  • ...the Boulevard du Beaumarchais before moving to the Montparnasse area where Jacques entered the prestigious [[Catholic]] [[school]], the [[Collège Stanislas]] [[religion|religious studies]] and [[Latin]]. As a teenager, [[Jacques Lacan]] developed a [[passion]] for [[philosophy]], adorning the walls of his bed
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  • [[Image:How-to-read-lacan.jpg|300px|right]] ...guilty]] is of having given ground relative to one's [[desire]]' Jacques [[Lacan]]
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  • [[The imaginary]] in [[Lacan]]'s [[theory]] immediately invokes a set of characteristic both in Lacan's writings and [[teachings]]. It dominates his [[thinking]]
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  • * 1 January 2008. ''[]''. <> ...ined by harsh [[discipline]] and education which cannot but be experienced by the [[subject]] as imposed on his/her freedom, as an [[external]] coercion:
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  • par Jacques Lacan Jacques Lacan
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  • * [] | * <nowiki></nowiki>
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  • ...Kant, Hegel and the Critique of Ideology|Tarrying with the Negative]]'', [[Lacan]] offers a fourth “critique of pure desire” (''TN'': 3) to [[supplement him, the ''cogito'', is least known by him, and that what is most known by him, the sensible [[universe]], is least certain of all.
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  • ...el Régis]] and [[Angelo Hesnard]]. Analytical [[practice]] was introduced by Morichau Beauchant in Poitiers, but without national impact. It wasn’t un ...ining to the 1953 "Scission" and the 1963 "[[Excommunication]]" of Jacques Lacan may be consulted in [[English]] in ''[[Television/A Challenge to the Psycho
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  • How to Read [[Lacan]] (How to Read) - Slavoj [[Zizek]] | &quot;[[How to Read Lacan]] (How to Read)&quot;
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  • How to Read [[Lacan]] - Slavoj [[Zizek]], Simon [[Critchley]] | &quot;[[How to Read Lacan]]&quot;
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  • ...interview with Eagleton. Further readings of the ideological are explored by Richard Rorty and Michele Barrett. Finally Fredric Jameson supplies an auth
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  • =Lacan= # [ Lacan: Seminar at Yale: November 24, 1975]
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  • =‘Irrepressible Truth: On Lacan’s The Freudian Thing’ by Adrian Johnston= ...ssay. In so doing, Johnston reveals the precision, rigor, and soundness of Lacan’s teachings.
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  • =‘The History of Continental Philosophy’ by Alan D. Schrift= ...nally recognized experts with a commitment to explaining complex thinkers, texts, and movements in rigorous yet jargon-free essays suitable for both undergr
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  • =‘Feminine Sexuality’ by Jacques Lacan &amp; the École Freudienne= [[Image:jacques-lacan-feminine-sexuality-jacques-lacan-and-the-ecole-freudienne.jpg]]<BR>
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  • =‘Irrepressible Truth: On Lacan’s The Freudian Thing’ by Adrian Johnston= ...ssay. In so doing, Johnston reveals the precision, rigor, and soundness of Lacan’s teachings.
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  • =‘Jacques Lacan: Critical Evaluations in Cultural Theory’ by Slavoj Žižek | 4 Volume Set= [[Image:jacques-lacan-critical-evaluations-in-cultural-theory-by-slavoj-zizek.jpg]]
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  • =‘On the Names-Of-The-Father’ by Jacques Lacan= comprised of two key texts that were decisive in the making of Jacques Lacan – one which introduces for the first time his key concepts of the symboli
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  • =‘Imagine There’s No Woman: Ethics and Sublimation’ by Joan Copjec= ...ytic and philosophical exploration of sublimation as a key term in Jacques Lacan’s theories of ethics and feminine sexuality.'''
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  • =‘The Humanist Controversy and Other Writings’ by Louis Althusser= ...his aspect of his work that this new collection of previously untranslated texts seeks to reflect.
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  • =‘Concept and Form / Cahiers pour l’Analyse’ by Peter Hallward and Knox Peden= ...ench structuralism. Inspired by their teachers Louis Althusser and Jacques Lacan, the editors of the ''Cahiers ''sought to sever philosophy from the inter
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  • =‘The Endgame of Aesthetics: From Hegel to Beckett’ by Mladen Dolar | Concept/s: Hegel’s Aesthetics Conference | AUFHEBUNG | 12 ...s Aesthetics Conference'''<br /> Ljubljana 11-14 January 2018<br /> Hosted by Aufhebung<br /> International Hegelian Association
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  • ="Descartes/Lacan" by Alain Badiou= [[Image:descartes-lacan-alain-badiou.jpg|400|right]]
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  • ='Beckett with Lacan' by Slavoj Žižek=, Claudel's Coufontaine-trilogy). There is effectively something fake in Lacan's fascination with late Joyce, with Finnegan's Wake as the latest version o
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