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Welcome to the Community Portal!

This page contains information and resources for the Wikiquote editing community. For editing help see our help page. No Subject wants you. Together we can build a library of No Subject - free and open textbooks. You can help No Subject by editing, creating pages or even starting a new book.

To experiment play around in the sandbox, a place where you can do anything and get a feel for how a wiki works. If you create an account, you can track your changes and more. To ask questions about the community or start a discussion, visit the Staff lounge (this is the equivalent of Wikipedia's 'Village Pump'). Also see planning pages.

1 Things to do
2 Collaboration
3 All About No Subject
4 References and resources

About No Subject

New user information

About No Subject · Welcome, newcomers · Why use open textbooks? · Why contribute? · Why not to contribute? · History of No Subject · Glossary

Frequently asked questions

Help · FAQ list · Overview · Readers · Comparison to other Wikimedia projects · Contributing · Editing · Administration · Technical · Problems · Miscellaneous

Ways to communicate

Staff lounge · Ask a question · Announcements · Contact us · IRC chat · Mailing lists · Textbook planning

No Subject highlights

Book of the month · Collaboration of the Month · Top active No Subject and users · Subject/EN/WikiBookIndex.htm Statistics per Wikibook

Common procedures

Votes for deletion · Votes for undeletion · Report vandalism in progress · Requests for adminship (Administrators) · Bug reports

Help with Meta-Wiki

User's Guide · Table format · TeX, math and formulae · Images and embedding

Account maintenance

Account benefits · Choosing and Changing a username · Logging in · User preferences · Changing attribution for edits · Account deletion


Books as PDFs ·

Writing/Reference resources

Policies, conventions and guidelines

Overview of policies · What is No Subject · Manual of Style · Naming policy · Editing policy · Forking policy · Image use policy · Deletion policy · Textbook Standards · What No Subject is not · Copyrights · Dealing with vandalism · Please do not bite the newcomers

Current discussions

All policy discussions · Annotated texts · Game manual guidelines · Deletion Policy

New books

How to start a book · edit a page · Naming policy · Requested No Subject


Development stages · Shortcuts · Template messages · Utilities · Why move books?


Donate images · Files to be harvested · Requested No Subject · Textbook ideas · Transwiki log · Pages to be transwikied


Accuracy dispute · Duplicate modules · Find or fix a stub · NPOV dispute · Pages needing attention · All maintenance tasks

Writing articles

Open tasks


About the project

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From Wikimedia Foundation

Policies, guidelines, and policy discussions

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Help us with entries needing attention

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With the above two,you can go there and add your own entries, or help tidy up the already nominated entries. But best first to see Cleanup and deletion process

See also - Wiktionary:Lists of words needing attention

Contact us

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Discussion and Visitor Information

General Discussion about Uncyclopedia, questions, comments.
For soapboxes which are too antique to be placed at the dump.
Information for new visitors to the site.
If you're new read this or you might be huffed.
Those special users are armed with vandalizers, to fight off the vandals.
Look here if you're bored - contribute and help make Uncyclopedia better.
This probably won't be that helpful, but if you failed English class, this is for you.

Quality Control
With the word "Quality" being used loosely.

Report malicious users, vandals, people who blank pages (very naughty people these), and vandals.
Make your voice heard before they're gone.
Report garbage pages here, provided they have no history.
Moan at us here.
Move legitimate information here.
Get help on an article idea from your pees peers!
Help clean up Uncyclopedia.
Collaborate on an article to make it super-good!

Here's where you can find articles that don't suck.


The content-free news source on crack.
The ick!tionary of all things best left unsaid.
Bringing Oscar Wilde quotes to many pages in Uncyclopedia.
A wiki about, uh, this wiki...
¡Yo queiro Uncyclopédia!



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