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Human subjectivity or what we call existence involves this constant process of projecting oneself out on to the world and into the future. For Heidegger, therefore, human consciousness is not an inner world of thoughts and images but a constant process of projecting outside, or what he called 'ex-sistence'.

The Other is believed to experience a level of enjoyment beyond our own experience. The important point here is that this unfailing jouissance does not exist:

[I]t insists as an ideal, an idea, a possibility thought permits us to envision. In [[[Lacan]]'s] terminology, it 'ex-sists': it persists and makes its claims felt with a certain insistence from the outside, as it were. Outside in the sense that it is not a wish [[[desire]]], 'Let's do that again!' but, rather, 'Isn't there something else you could do, something different you could try?'

(Fink 2002:35)