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Francoise Dolto (1908 - 1988) doctor pediatrist and psychoanalyst française celebrates for its discoveries in psychoanalysis of childhood. It took part with Jacques Lacan in the creation of Freudienne School of Paris. It is interested primarily in the psychoanalysis of childhood and soutena its thesis “Psychoanalyses and pediatry” in 1939. For it, the child can be psychoanalysed very early as an individual. Childhood thus has a fundamental role for its development as an individual. It considers that before even as the child has a true “language”, the human being being essentially communicating, he commmunic already with his way by the body. To learn how to go or to even move with 4 legs, for example, it is to start to want to free themselves from the parents and to express a beginning of desire of independence. It also analyzes the children ratios/parents, and in particular the origin of the complex of Oedipus and the importance of the role of the father as of the first days. Through the father, the child understands that it is not all for his mother, which involves a report/ratio of frustration and allows the individuation. Its analysis from now on passed in manners. Some of its proposals can seem strange, as the explanation to be given according to it to a child who asks how he was born: “because you wanted to be born” ( the difficulty in living ). However that shows the importance which it attaches to the word in the construction industry individuals. Francoise Dolto is also the mother of the singer and whimsical Carlos and the sister of Jacques Marette, Minister for the stations of 1962 with 1967. It was the wife of Boris Dolto who was one of the pioneers of kinesitherapy in France. ==Bibliography of Francoise Dolto== * Psychanalyse and pediatry , éd. threshold 1971 * the Case Domenica , éd. threshold 1971 * With the play of the desire , éd. threshold 1981 * female Sexualité , Scarabée/A.M. Métailié 1982 * the unconscious image of the body , éd of the Threshold, 1984 * Solitude , Giddinesses 1985 * the Cause of the children , éd. Robert Laffont, Paris, 1985 * the cause of the teenagers , R. Laffont 1988 * the school Failure , Giddinesses of North, 1989 * Autoportrait of a psychoanalyst , éd. threshold, Paris, 1989 * Paroles of teenagers or the complex of the Lobster , éd. Hattier, 1989 * When the child appears , éd. threshold, Paris, 1990 * major stages of childhood , Gallimard 1994 * ways of education , Gallimard, 1994 * the Difficulty in living , éd. Gallimard, Paris, 1995 * All is language , éd. Gallimard, Paris, 1995 * the feeling of oneself. With the sources of the imgage and body , Gallimard, 1997 * female the , Gallimard, 1998 * the wave and the ocean. Seminar on the death instincts (1970-1971), Gallimard, 2003