Intervention on the transference

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1951 (12 pp.)-INTERVENTION SUR LE TRANSFERT (INTERVENTION ON TRANSFERENCE)-1952 At the XIVth Conference des Psychanalystes de Langue Fran~aise Lagache was responsible for the theoretical report and Schlumberger for the clinical report. Lacan turned the comments he made during the discussions into a text written for the journal. In Ecrits he took out the name of Benassy with whom he argued, as well as a passage probably too favorable to Lagache after the 1963 secession. The text mainly consists of an analysis, remarkable in its rigor, of the case of Dora in which Freud discovered that the analyst plays a part in the trans�ference. Lacan recounts the different steps of the case around a series of dialectic reversals, each of them leading to the discovery of a moment of the subject's truth. Nevertheless, all of a sudden, it failed. When did Freud go wrong and why? He missed feminine homosexuality because he had identified too much with Mr. K. Lacan, on the other hand, conceives feminine homo�sexuality both as an identification with the father's image as the only valorous image and as the difficulty of assuming the nevertheless desired femininity (through Mrs K.), because it "normally" requires giving up the position of subject. For women there is a specific subjective dead end due to the necessity "of accepting themselves as the object of man's desire." What, then, is transference? It is "an entity entirely relative to counter�transference defined as the sum of the analyst's prejudices, passions, con�fusion, and insufficient information at a given moment of the dialec~ical process" of therapy. This provides food for thought, and even food to think about Lacan's works. The conception of analysis as the "orthodramatization of subjectivity in the patient" by means of "the projection of his past onto a discourse in becoming" is already sketched in this text, written in the margins of the seminars on the Freudian texts, held at the Institut de Psychanalyse. Le My the dll nevrbse will follow (22).