Seminar XXIII

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Seminar XXII Seminar XXIV

1975 - 1976 Seminar XXIII Le sinthome
Joyce and the Sinthome

English translation

An English translation of Seminar XXI, made from unpublished French transcripts, was made by a reading group associated with Jacques Lacan in Ireland and arranged in a presentable form by Tony Hughes.

English Audio


Date PDF MP3
18 novembre 1975 link link
09 décembre 1975 link link
16 décembre 1975 link link
13 janvier 1976 link link
20 janvier 1976 link link
10 février 1976 link link
17 février 1976 link link
09 mars 1976 link link
16 mars 1976 link link
13 avril 1976 link link
11 mai 1976 link link