Letter of Dissolution

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I speak without the least hope - to make me hear in particular. I know that I do it - to add to it what that comprises of unconscious. It is my advantage there on the man who thinks and does not realize that initially it speaks. Favour that I must only with my experiment. Because in the interval of the word that it ignores so that it believes to make thought, the man muddles himself, which does not encourage it. So that the man thinks weak, all the more weak as it mad… to precisely muddle itself. There is a problem of the School. It is not a enigma. Also, I am directed there, not too early. This problem is shown such, to have a solution: it is say it - dissolution. To hear like Association who, to this School, gives legal statute. That it is enough to one which from goes away so that all are free, it is, in my node borroméen, truth of each one, it is necessary that it is me in my School. I am solved there for what it would function, if I did not put myself transversely, with wrong way of it for what I founded it. Maybe for a work, I said it - who, in the field that Freud opened, restore the ploughshare slicing of his truth - - which brings back the original praxis that it instituted under the name of psychoanalysis in the duty which returns to him in our world - which, by an assiduous criticism, denounces the deviations there and compromisings which deaden its progress by degrading its employment. Objective that I maintenances. This is why I dissolve. And me lime pits not of known as “the members of the School freudienne” - rather thanked I by them to be taught, from where me, I failed - i.e. am muddled to me. This teaching is invaluable for me. I make it profitable. In other words, I persevere. And invites to join derechef those which, this January 1980, want to continue with Lacan. That the writing of a candidature makes them at once know ego. In the 10 days, to cross short to ambient debility, I will publish adhesions first which I will have approved, like engagements of “assiduous criticism” of the EFP nourished what as regards “deviations and compromisings”. Showing in act which it theirs is not done that my School would be Institution, effect of consolidated group, at the expense of the effect of awaited speech of the experiment, when it is freudienne. One knows what it of has cost, that Freud allowed that the psychoanalytical group overrides the speech, becomes Église. The International one, since it is its name, is reduced to the symptom which it is of what Freud expected. But it is not it which makes weight. It is the Church, the true one, which supports the Marxism of what it gives again to him new blood… of a renewed direction. Why not the psychoanalysis, when it transfers with the direction? I do not say that for a vain mockery. The stability of the religion comes from what the direction is always a monk. From where my obstinacy in my way of mathèmes - which does not prevent anything, but testifies to what it would be necessary for, the analyst, to put it at the step of its function. If I father-severe, it is that the made experiment calls against-experiment which compensates. I do not need many people. And there is world which I do not need. I let them in plan so that they show me what they can do, except me encumber, and turn out of water a teaching where all is weighed. Will those which I will admit with me do better? At least will be able they to be prevailed of what I leave them the chance. The directory of the EFP, such as I composed it, will dispatch what trails businesses known as current, until an Extraordinary meeting, to be the last, convened at the appropriate time in accordance with the law, proceeds to the devolution of her goods, that the treasurers will have estimated. Guitrancourt, this January 5, 1980

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