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  1. The Lacanian Subject: The impossibility of identity and the centrality of identification
    1. Prolegomena
    2. Alienation in the imaginary: "the ego is essentially an alter ego"
    3. Alienation in the symbolic: "the subject takes a structure from the signifier"
    4. From identity to identification: imaginary and symbolic dimensions
    5. Politics of the subject: identification or what?
  1. The Lacanian Object: Dialectics of social impossibility
    1. The objective is also lacking
    2. Fantasy and the promise of fullness
    3. Lacan and the social construction of reality: posing the problem
    4. Exploring reality
      1. Metaphor and metonymy
      2. Point de capiton
      3. Fantasy supports reality
    5. From reality to the real: Towards a realist constructionism or a constructionist realism?

  1. Ambiguous Democracy and the Ethics of Psychoanalysis
    1. The ambiguities of modern democracy: beyond the politics of harmony
    2. Lacanian ethics: beyond the ethics of harmony
    3. Two axes of Lacanian ethics: sublimation and identification with the symptom
    4. In plalce of a conclusion: psychoanalysis, ethics and politics