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Community Portal

Welcome to the Community Portal!

Here you can find the latest information about what is happening on No Subject and about how you can get involved!

Get Involved

All users can read No Subject without loging in. However, the editing of content on the website is limited to users with a membership account. Membership is free and simple: Click here to create a new account.

Users who have logged in to No Subject are invited to contribute by clicking edit at the top of almost any article on the website.


You do not have to create an account to participate in the editing community of No Subject. You can register by clicking on the 'log in/create account' link at the top of every page.


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To-Do List

( Check the peer review listings for pages that need checking for factual accuracy.


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Welcome to the No Subject Community Portal

No Subject allows user editing of content to those users with a membership account.

The Community Portal is the central place to find out what's happening on No Subject.

This page contains information and resources for the No Subject editing community.

For editing help see our help page where you will find informations about No Subject and how you can contribute to the project.

You can help No Subject by editing, creating pages or even starting a new book.

If you create an account, you can track your changes and more. Membership is free, open and simple. You can register by clicking on the 'log in/create account' link at the top of every page. Your email address will be verified, if you give it. To ask questions about the community or start a discussion, visit the Forum.


Account Maintenance
How does No Subject work?
Got something to say about the project? Suggestions, questions or complaints? Try the discussions page.
Spotted any vandalism? Here's where to notify us!
Want to volunteer as a moderator, or nominate somebody else? Do so on this page.
Seen a page that you don't think belongs on No_Subject? List it on this page.
How does No Subject work?
Search for contents in Wikimedia No Subject.
No Subject overview
Articles about the No Subject project itself are found below this category.
List of administrators and votes on adminship requests.
Choose amongst the Featured picture candidates to recommend pictures for the Picture of the day and browse the Featured pictures to discover pictures featured in the past.
Mailing List
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Ask questions about features, problems you may have, or policy. Similar pages are available in several other languages.

To Do

Account Maintenance
Entries requested for deletion ;(Automated list).
Requests for verification
Requests for cleanup (Automated list).
With the above two,you can go there and add your own entries, or help tidy up the already nominated entries. But best first to see Cleanup and deletion process
Wanted pages
An automated list of pages referenced, but not existing. Can you create an entry for these links?
Articles that are placeholders, waiting for definition. OR, just a sub-section is undefined.
Requested articles
A list of articles manually requested by people.
Requests for wikification
Articles that need to be wikified
Short pages
Pages with either zero or little content (30 characters or less), and therefore needing a proper entry made for them.
Uncategorised pages - see Wiktionary:Categorization

See also - Wiktionary:Lists of words needing attention

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