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Seminar XI

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January 15 1964, marks the opening session of the [[seminars]] at the École Nationale Supérieure where, in the presence of celebrities (Lévi-[[Strauss]], [[Althusser]], Fernand [[Braudel]]) and a new younger audience, [[Lacan]] talks about the censorship of his [[teachings]] and his excommunication from official psychoanalytical circles. These political problems in Lacan's own life naturally raise theoretical problems around psychoanalytic legitimacy as such. He wants to train [[analysts]] – and simultaneously interrogate the nature and possibility of psychoanalytic training – and, at the same time, address the non-analyst by raising the following questions: Is psychoanalysis a [[science]]? If so, under what [[conditions]]? If it is - the "science of the [[unconscious]]" or a "conjectural science of the [[subject]]" - what can it teach us about science?
=== Analysis, Science and Religion ===

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