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‘Gilles Deleuze From A to Z’ by Pierre-André Boutang and Michel Pamart | 1996 | Documentary Film


The eight-hour series of interviews between Gilles Deleuze and Claire Parnet, filmed by Pierre-André Boutang in 1988-1989.

The individual episodes are: ‘A as in Animal’, ‘B as in “Boire” (Drink)’, ‘C as in Culture’, ‘D as in Desire’, ‘E as in “Enfance” (Childhood)’, ‘F as in Fidelity’, ‘G as in Gauche (Left)’, ‘H as in History of Philosophy’, ‘I as in Idea’, ‘J as in Joy’, ‘K as in Kant’, ‘L as in Literature’, ‘M as in Malady’, ‘N as in Neurology’, ‘O as in Opera’, ‘P as in Professor’, ‘Q as in Question’, ‘R as in Resistance’, ‘S as in Style’, ‘T as in Tennis’, ‘U as in ‘Un’ (One)’, ‘V as in Voyage’, ‘W as in Wittgenstein’, ‘X, Y as in Unknowns’, ‘Z as in Zigzag’