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‘The Death of Yugoslavia’ by Laura Silber and Allan Little | Book & BBC Documentary | 1995 | Recommended by Slavoj Žižek



The Death of Yugoslavia (Serbian, Montenegrin, Bosnian, Croatian and Slovenian: Smrt Jugoslavije, Macedonian: Смртта на Југославија, Smrtta na Jugoslavija) is a six part BBC documentary series first broadcast in 1995, and is also the name of a book written by Allan Little and Laura Silber that accompanies the series. It covers the collapse of the former Yugoslavia. It is notable in its combination of never-before-seen archive footage interspersed with interviews of most of the main players in the conflict, including Slobodan Milošević, then President of Serbia.

Part 1: Enter Nationalism

Part 2: The Road to War

Part 3: Wars of Independence

Part 4: The Gates of Hell

Part 5: A Safe Area

Part 6: Pax Americana