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‘The Reality of the Virtual: Manufacturing Reality’ by Slavoj Žižek & Ben Wright | 2004 | Documentary Film



For critics of Western culture who have yet to experience one of author/thinker Slavoj Žižek’s compelling lectures in person, this filmed version of a speech given at Ljubliana University offers clarifying insight into the mind of a man who employs Lacanian categories of thought to challenge his audience to accomplish the impossible. By dismissing the commonly held beliefs of the post-political era, Žižek mobilizes a universal truth so powerful that it can be used to address a wide variety of topics ranging from Santa Claus to democracy. Now, for the first time ever, home viewers can find out just what it takes to become a great thinker in the 21st century as the Welcome to the Desert of the Real author peels back the various layers of reality to explore the many forms that belief takes in Western society.