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Event - ?i?ek, Slavoj

?i?ek, Slavoj

Author: Slavoj Zizek
File type: epub
Series: Philosophy in transit
Publisher: Melville House;Penguin Books
Year: 2014
Language: English
ISBN: 978-1-61219-412-7,1612194125
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File type: epub
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Pages: 211
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<b>Probably the most famous living philosopher, Slavoj Žižek explores the meaning of events in this short and digestible book
An event can be an occurrence that shatters ordinary life, a radical political rupture, a transformation of reality, a religious belief, the rise of a new art form, or an intense experience such as falling in love.

Taking us on a trip that stops at different definitions of event, Žižek addresses fundamental questions such as: are all things connected? How much are we agents of our own fates? Which conditions must be met for us to perceive something as really existing? In a world that's constantly changing, is anything new really happening? Drawing on references from Plato to arthouse cinema, the Big Bang to Buddhism, Event</i> is a journey into philosophy at its most exciting and elementary.

From the Trade Paperback edition.</i>