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Duis aute irure
dolor in reprehenderit in voluptate velit
Multiplication table
Symbol Translation
A the big Other
A the barred Other
a (see objet petit a
a' (see objet petit a

1. (before 1957) the subject
2.(from 1957 on) the signifier
3. (in the schemas of Sade) the raw subject of pleasure
StrikeS.gif the barred subject
SS1.gif the master signifier
SS2.gif the signifying chain/knowledge
s the signified (in the Saussurean algorithm
StrikeS(A).gif the signifier of a lack in the Other
S(A).gif the signification of the Other (the message/symptom)
D Demand
d Desire
m the ego (moi)
i the specular image (schema R)
i(a) 1. the specular image (graph of desire)
2. the ideal ego (optical model)
I the ego-ideal (schema R)
I(A) the ego-ideal (graph of desire)
Π the real phallus
Φ the symbolic phallus [upper-case phi]
(-φ) the imaginary phallus [lower-case phi]
S the symbolic order (schema R)
R the field of reality (schema R)
I the imaginary order (schema R)
P the symbolic father / Name-of-the-Father
p the imaginary father
M the symbolic mother
J Jouissance
phallic jouissance
JA the jouissance of the Other
E the statement
e the enunciation
V the will-to-enjoy (volonté de jouissance)